Inaugural Awards Honor Excellence Across LPG Industry

(November 21, 2019) — The inaugural Argus LPG Awards for Excellence celebration was held Nov. 18 in London. Hosted by business intelligence provider Argus, this first-of-its-kind event featured the presentation of five awards honoring individuals, projects, and technology that have excelled in the LPG industry.
Argus LPG Excellence Award 2019 Presented Seb Willems Glencore Trader of the Year rpts BPN propane industry trusted source for news since 1939
Trader of the Year: Seb Willems. This award goes to an individual or company who has shown creativity in trade activities and has showcased success and leadership in adapting to changes in trade flows, opening up of new supply sources and demand centers in support of the LPG community and local economies. Willems is head of trading at Glencore.

Argus LPG Awards for Excellence Presents Mary Jane Hogg Dow Chemical LPG Executive of Year reports BPN propane ind trusted source for news since 1939Executive of the Year: Mary-Jane Hogg. This award celebrates C-level executives who have excelled in demonstrating leadership that has been critical to the success of their business. The winner has shown strategic initiatives that have strengthened or improved their business’s position in the LPG industry. Hogg, commercial director feedstocks at Dow Chemical, was recognized for her long-standing role in the LPG market and constant source of innovation. She has been a key figure in adapting the NW Europe standard contract.

Argus Presents Aggreko inaugural LPG Award for Excellence 2019 for Virgin Island Water Power Authority propane backup reports BPN propane industry trusted source for news since 1939New Frontiers Award: Aggreko. This award demonstrates the work done to increase LPG penetration in nascent markets whether they be geographic or developing new sources of demand. The winning company has successfully done business in new markets or may either be collaborating or in a joint venture. Aggreko received this award for its partnership with Virgin Island Water and Power Authority on defining the bespoke power requirements following the failure of the Island’s mechanical power generator.
Argus Presents INEOS LPG Awards In Excellence reports BPN propane industry leading source news since 1939
Infrastructure Project Award: INEOS. The winner of this award has illustrated an excellence in driving project management through to implementation and execution. Applicants should showcase a creative approach to design and the benefits of the new build to the LPG industry. The winner will have also illustrated a smooth operation, with any hurdles met with financial, landowner issues, public acceptance, or regulations. INEOS was recognized for its storage solution for heavier LPG grade butane.
Argus Presents GE Power inaugural LPG Award for Excellence 2019 reports BPN propane industry trusted source for news since 1939
Technology Innovation Award: GE Power. This award celebrates those companies, individuals, or industry associations that have excelled at developing and deploying innovative technology. The winner must have demonstrated that they have developed new technology, deployed technology successfully, or played a key role in its uptake across the industry. GE Power was honored for its exceptional fuel flexibility capabilities. GE Aeroderivative Gas Turbines are capable to burn the full range of LPG mixtures from 100% propane to 100% butane.

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