Connecticut BantamWesson Merges With Arbor Energy

(Novemver 7, 2019) — Cetane Associates and Gray, Gray & Gray have announced that BantamWesson of Waterbury, CT has merged with Arbor Energy of Cheshire, CT.  Both BantamWesson and Arbor Energy are full-service propane and heating oil companies that provide HVAC services and diversified home solutions. 

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“The hard work, guidance and direction provided by Gray, Gray & Gray and Cetane Associates were invaluable in helping with the Arbor Energy merger,” said Craig Snyder, CEO of BantamWesson. 

“This is the first of what we hope to be many mergers the company will engage in.  As a company we are offering an alternative for owners who want to strengthen their business for both a financial return and an increase in value of their assets. Arbor is the perfect choice to join with us as they bring senior management experience to strengthen our combined team and they have a great reputation serving a similar market.”

BantamWesson merges with arbor energy reports BPN propane industry's trusted source for news since 1939. 11072019
Gray, Gray & Gray is a premier accounting and business advisory firm serving the nation's retail energy and delivered fuels industry. The firm provides oil and propane retailers and distributors with targeted accounting, consulting, and tax advisory services designed to help build more profitable and efficient operations.

Cetane Associates, LLC is a leading provider of Merger and Acquisition advisory services to the retail energy marketing industry.  Cetane specializes in buy and sell side transactions as well as transition planning and business valuations.