#LPGday, New Global Awareness Day, To Be Celebrated June 7

With the goal of raising global awareness about propane and achieving more visibility for it, the World LPG Association (WLPGA; Paris) has launched #LPGday. This global awareness day is to be held annually on June 7, starting this year.
LPGDay June 7, 2019 raises awareness about clean propane energy including Boats powered by LPG keep oceans clean
WLPGA will celebrate the day with a “social media storm” and invites other associations, companies, and individuals around the world to do the same.

“There are many days in the global awareness calendar to celebrate an incredible breadth of topics—from women, to raise awareness around various illnesses, or even more fun initiatives like bicycles day, tulip day, chocolate day, etc.—and we realized that we have nothing to celebrate LPG/propane and felt it was a great opportunity to join this awareness community,” Alison Abbott, marketing and communications director at WLPGA, told BPN.

The goal of #LPGday is to raise awareness of the many uses and benefits of LPG among policymakers, media, and the general public. “We will be promoting not only the benefits of LPG, but also the many, many applications and sectors where LPG can have a highly beneficial impact on so many areas from health and clean air, to even more fun uses such as barbeques,” Abbott explained.

June 7 was selected and agreed to by WLPGA members because the day does not clash with public and religious holidays around the world, or with established awareness days. Also, it is separate from the annual World LPG Forum that is organized by WLPGA and held in September or October.

Abbott suggested some ways organizations and individuals can help spread the word before and during #LPGday:
  • Support WLPGA’s social media, follow them, and retweet their messages. The association has prepared videos and visuals that it has been posting on every platform since May 2. WLPGA is active on Twitter (@worldlpgassoc), Facebook (WorldLPGAssociation), Instagram (worldlpgassociation), and LinkedIn (WorldLPGAssociation).
  • Link to the WLPGA website. The site (wlpga.org) has a wealth of information about LPG in general.
  • Post your own ideas on social media. Suggestions include photographs of your own businesses, your teams, and your products with the #LPGday hashtag.
LPGDay Korean Propane Autogas Taxi“We encourage the entire community to be creative and make this day their own,” Abbott said. “Our goal is, over time, for this to become an established part of everyone’s annual communications strategy planning.”

For more information about #LPGday, contact Camille Pieron, WLPGA digital communications manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..