Propane Products "In The News"

Product ADD 082017(August 24, 2017) — MOBILE FLEET FUELER. Advanced Digital Data Inc. (ADD Systems) has introduced the new Raven Companion and Raven Fleet Fueler mobile, pocket-sized products to help streamline the delivery process and to make it more efficient and error-free. The Raven Companion works with the Raven Tablet mobile solution to bring the functionality of the tablet to the hand of the driver on a small Android device. With optional QR code labeling and scanning, the driver can tag fill locations on the fly and scan labels for validation before pumping. The driver can start and stop the meter from the Raven Companion, capture a signature, and start printing the invoice in the cab before returning to the truck. The Raven Fleet Fueler works in concert with the Raven tablet to create a complete solution for fleet fueling, wet hosing, or wheel-to-wheel deliveries. With the same pocket-sized Android device the driver can fill multiple pieces of equipment. As with the Raven Companion, upon completion of all deliveries at the site, the driver can move from signature to final document, and the transaction is automatically saved on the account. This reduces the driver’s on-site time, and delivery mistakes are avoided.

Product CambridgeCOPPER COIL PRODUCT. With its recent purchase of CuPRO's copper coil product, the Canadian copper manufacturer that formerly fabricated the product, Cambridge-Lee Industries LLC now has available a copper coil product for use in the installation of propane and natural gas equipment, and fuel oil lines by companies in plumbing, refrigeration, HVAC, and burner service. The corrosion-resistant CL Readi-Protector coated coils feature factory-coated plastic protection over copper tube core and may be used in applications where lines are buried underground or above ground where lines require extra protection against damage.

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