Energy Infrastructure Must Keep Pace with Growing Production

Railroad Commission of Texas chairwoman Christi Craddick in July 2017 led a discussion with industry experts on the importance of keeping the development of the nation’s energy infrastructure on pace with thriving domestic oil and natural gas production. The discussion took place at the Aspen Institute’s 2017 Global Energy, Economy, and Security Forum in Aspen, Colo.

“The current expansion of domestic energy production in Texas and across the country has created new, high demand for infrastructure to transport our growing energy supply to customers,” Craddick said. “Over the past few years in Texas, our pipeline mileage has increased exponentially and our ports have seen billions of dollars of investment related to the export of oil, liquid natural gas, and other petrochemicals.”

She added that the current energy opportunity nonetheless presents a challenge. “If we want domestic energy production to continue to grow, we need sound policies that allow for the timely expansion of our nation’s energy infrastructure. This essential infrastructure will support our economy for the long-term future by allowing us to develop our domestic energy resources to their full potential, providing consumers with low-cost energy options and reaching energy independence while also supplying energy to our allies overseas.”

The Aspen Institute’s Global Energy, Economy, and Security Forum is an annual convening of nonpartisan thought leaders, scholars, and members of the public to discuss changes in global energy markets and the strong links between energy and national economic and security concerns.