Pandemic Accelerates Adoption of New Technology

(August 31, 2020) — There has been much talk about consumers and business owners adopting new technology during the pandemic. Two recent surveys offer data that backs that up.

Early in the COVID-19 outbreak, on March 27, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) reported that American households were already adopting new tech solutions. In its “COVID-19 Impact Study: Use of Technology at Home,” CTA said 26% of consumers were using new video streaming services for the first time; 42% were using social media platforms more often; and a quarter were purchasing non-food items online more often. More than a third had purchased tech devices over the past week to help them adjust to the new normal.

Accenture, too, found that the pandemic was accelerating digital adoption. In findings released May 4, the global professional services company reported that while 32% of consumers’ current purchases of all products and services have been online, that figure is expected to rise to 37% post-outbreak. Accenture also found that more than half of respondents said they were likely to increase their usage of voice-enabled digital assistants, online recommendation apps, self-service apps, intelligent home devices, and wearables.

This move to digital has been true in the propane industry as well, several software vendors tell BPN. There’s been a trend in that direction for years, as consumers seek convenience and business owners seek efficiency. The challenges of the pandemic have sped that up, with the demands of touchless ways to do business. For a comprehensive overview of the latest propane software features that deliver convenience, efficiency, and more visit